How to make a great Guacamole

How to make a great Mexican Guacamole

Have you heard about Mexican Cuisine? It is known by its variety, rich foods and great flavor. Don’t think tacos and some Tex-Mex foods are all that we have. Those are only products of the border  states. Going to central and southern Mexico, you will find great and interesting meals.  Meal preparation usually takes a long time, but you can find easy recipes adapted to the busy and rapid American lifestyle. Guacamole is one of those easy-to-make Mexican sauces or dips.

The principal ingredient in Guacamole is the avocado, in Spanish aguacate. The avocado is a tree grown in warm weather areas, such as Mexico and Central America. The leaves can be used to add flavor to meals and broths. The fruit is a dark-skinned bulb with a green mass or pulp inside and a large seed in the middle. The pulp contains a great nutritional value; monounsaturated fat, minerals, vitamins and fiber; however, it has some calories to be considered. The pulp can be used sliced in salads and soups or mashed in dips. A funny thing is that avocado is used as a vegetable, even though it is a fruit.

I have seen several American Guacamole recipes with cumin, pepper, and other things, but those are not authentic. The taste should be a predominantly avocado. This Guacamole dip is an easy and great recipe from my family.

First, you will have to find the ingredients in any supermarket or Mexican food store.        Good Mexican food begins with ingredients that are fresh and Guacamole is no exception. Old mothers in Mexico don’t use canned or frozen food.  Sometimes, there is no other choice.

You will need three ripe avocados (Hass variety is the best). Be careful not to select green or over-ripe fruit.  The skin consistency should be firm but you should be able to gently and easy depress it. Buy two tomatillos, with the loose skin removed; two  medium size serrano chiles  (they have better flavor than jalapeños); one  white onion, two garlic cloves, one lime and one cup of cilantro (only the leaves), salt and one red tomato.

Consider your option for tasting this dip. You can buy a bag of corn tortilla chips. In Mexico, tortilla chips are called nachos, or totopos. The most genuine chips are not fried and they taste like toasted tortillas. Anyway, here in the United States, you can find several brands; unless, you would like to toast  your own corn tortillas on a grill and cut them into pieces.

The first step  for the preparation is to remove the pulp from the avocados. The easiest way is to cut around the avocado down to the seed, then twist the avocado to separate it into two pieces. Put the knife edge into the seed, twist the seed and pull it out. Now, use a spoon to scoop out the pulp and put it in a bowl. Leave one-half avocado pulp for decoration at the end.

Use a food processer to blend the two tomatillos, one serrano chile, one-quarter of an onion, and two cloves of garlic. Afterward, add the pulp of two and a half avocados, one-half cup of well washed cilantro leaves, lime and salt. Now, process altogether again at the lowest velocity and taste it; any ingredient as lime, chile or  salt should not mask the avocado flavor.  Maybe, you will decide to add more salt or another chile to that mix. Then, if it tastes good, you will put all that mix in a presentation bowl.

The next step will be to improve the flavor and decoration! Add the last half avocado diced in small cubes, minced half onion, and the red tomato diced in cubes, too. Stir this mash gently.  Then, add some cilantro leaves at the top and decorate it as you want. As a good chef, taste it again. Put the bowl on a large serving tray, surrounded with toasted chips or make individual portion plates with small bowls and chips.

Finally, if you have followed the steps carefully, you will happily enjoy this wonderful appetizer with some Mexican fruit beverages such as tamarind or a simple and delicious lemonade.  And as we say in Mexico, Buen provecho!


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